About Us

Explore gentle contemplative Yoga practices to release stress while developing flexibility, stability and resilience. Experience the art of listening to and being in harmony with the body, mind and emotions. Progress towards optional stronger practices gradually at your own pace.

Guidelines: Care & Safety

The safe practice of Yoga is integral to attending a Yoga class. Please follow qualified professional medical advice on any health, medical, associated conditions and risk. Where you have not done so already, please ensure that you seek qualified medical professional advice prior to attending Yoga class to support any potential or existing conditions. This includes asking your qualified medical professional whether attendance at Yoga is appropriate and whether there is any particular practice, posture or movement that is not suitable. Note that while a range of advice and guidance may be provided during class, this does not replace or diminish the advice provided by a qualified medical professional. Please be mindful during class as to how you are feeling and responding on a physical level. It is essential to avoid pain or strain or overexertion or stress, by stopping and resting whenever needed and avoiding practices which may be unsuitable. You are most welcome to stop and rest easy at any time! 

Class Scheduling

On occasions, a class may be delayed, postponed, cancelled due to unforeseen events or for scheduled breaks. You may request to be placed on a contact list to be advised of such occurrences where possible. 


By attending Yoga class you confirm your agreement to the above, including agreement to take full and complete responsibility for your own safe practice and outcomes.