Explore gentle contemplative Yoga practices to release stress while developing flexibility, stability and resilience. Experience the art of listening to and being in harmony with the body, mind and emotions. Progress towards optional stronger practices gradually at your own pace.


Important: Please read the participation requirements on this page (including other related emails, notices, advice)  which detail your agreement and responsibilities for participating in any event, program, class or activity.

Guidelines: Care & Safety

The safe practice of Yoga is integral to attending a Yoga class. Please follow qualified professional medical advice on any health, medical, associated conditions and risk. Where you have not done so already, please ensure that you seek qualified medical professional advice prior to attending Yoga class to support any potential or existing conditions. This includes asking your qualified medical professional whether attendance at Yoga is appropriate and whether there is any particular practice, posture or movement that is not suitable. Note that while a range of advice and guidance may be provided during class, this does not replace or diminish the advice provided by a qualified medical professional. Please be mindful during class as to how you are feeling and responding on a physical level. It is essential to avoid pain or strain or overexertion or stress, by stopping and resting whenever needed and avoiding practices which may be unsuitable. You are most welcome to stop and rest easy at any time! 

Class Scheduling

On occasions, a class may be delayed, postponed, cancelled due to unforeseen events or for scheduled breaks. You may request to be placed on a contact list to be advised of such occurrences where possible. 


By attending Yoga class you confirm your agreement to the above, including agreement to the following important requirements: 

  • Understanding: I have read and understood these conditions
  • Numbers: Participation numbers may be limited and attendance is on a 1st to arrive basis
  • Safety: To practice safely and to avoid positions, postures and movements where there is any strain or pain.
  • Rest: Slow down or stop and take ample rest where needed
  • Care: Where there is any uncertainty or concern to avoid a practice and to stop and wait for the next suitable and safe practice
  • Medical advice: Have discussed medical, health, other related concerns and risks with a qualified medical professional and have been advised that one's participation in these Yoga classes is considered to be suitable and safe.
  • Limitations: During the Yoga classes (particularly online classes) there may not be an ability to monitor correct practice, provide guidance, advice and care. Please ask questions or refrain from practice where uncertain.
  • Fitness: Have a suitable level of fitness appropriate for attending the Yoga class. Please seek medical advice where uncertain.
  • Location and Environment: When attending by Video Conference such as Zoom (where available) or when practicing on your own, select a location, venue and environment which is suitable for Yoga practice. Consider all safety and health factors e.g. no risk of fall, slips, contact with obstacles, no danger of collision with or collapse or movement of objects which may create risk to health. Suitable non-slip, dry surface. etc
  • Clothing: Use of clothing appropriate for safe and comfortable practice of Yoga. e.g. clothing should be sufficiently loose, relaxed and spacious enough to prevent constraint to movement, posture and not overly loose which may obstruct or entangle the body posture or movement.
  • Support surfaces: Practice on an appropriate non-slip surface such as a Yoga mat or similar.
  • Responsibilities: Take full responsibility for one's own safe practice, health and outcomes during and after class
  • Patience: Kindly note that some patience may be needed in these practices and in exploring this new online world
  • Audio mute: When attending by Video Conference such as Zoom (where available) please be aware that there may be excess noise at times The teacher may need to mute (turns off) your microphone remotely as this may be necessary to avoid excessive noise from multiple people (this can be turned on later)
  • Video Equity: When attending by Video Conference such as Zoom (where available) all participants agree to have Video turned on throughout the class in order to participate
  • Electronic recordings: Electronic recordings are not permissible by class attendees. 



The owner of Yoga Nature, Yoga teachers, organisers, operators, agents and contractors are not liable (to the extent permitted by law) for any personal injury, loss or damage to property or financial loss (including payment of medical expenses or other expenses) any individual may suffer whilst participating in events, programs, training, courses and activities organised and or delivered including at a physical venue and or online and or in any other form or mode. By attending and or participating, individuals accept that they do so at their own risk and accept that they waive and forego any legal right that they may otherwise have against the owner of Yoga Nature, the Yoga teacher and agents and contractors.