Explore gentle contemplative Yoga practices to release stress while developing flexibility, stability and resilience. Experience the art of listening to and being in harmony with the body, mind and emotions. Progress towards optional stronger practices gradually at your own pace.




IMPORTANT CHAMGES to end October 2024

Only 9am classes available

No 7.30am classes

Only  9 am classes running on Wednesday

No regular 7.30am Wednesday classes during this period

Suzanne (from the Friday morning class at Wylie's will be taking the Wednesday Yoga classes during this time beginning 17 July. Note there will be no class 10 July.


Important Note: Contact and Bookings form on this website will not be available for response or may experience significant delays in responding. Classes may at times not operate subject to teacher availability.  





7.30am & 9am (7.30am currently not available)




Wylie's Baths: 4B Neptune Street, Coogee 2034

Casual Drop-In classes now running

CLASSES: Wednesday 7.30- 8.30am and 9-10am Restorative Yoga suitable for all levels. BYO Everything, Mats etc. 


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or Drop-In*


Important Note: whether booking online in advance or dropping in, early arrival will be most important to ensure availability of a space especially during the potentially busier summer season. Arriving at least 10 minutes early is suggested.



Season schedule 2024:

  • Classes are now in progress: Wednesday mornings 7.30am & 9am


Year round classes: typically operate all year,  during all seasons. (Occasional breaks may be advised from time to time re: Professional development; Recess; Venue Management advice)


Attendees: Adults of all ages are most welcome. Children must be accompanied by an Adult with both attending as participants of the Yoga Class. You may simply drop in or you may Book in Advance. A place in the class is usually available for casual drop-in attendance though advanced booking is appreciated. BYO Yoga Matt or similar is essential.


Class numbers: Typically a small class, though numbers are more likely to increase in summer



Option for Advance Booking: also requires early arrival to take a space. Typically there is sufficient space, however this may be more uncertain during the busier summer season. Arriving at least 10 minutes in advance is suggested.



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(** online only and by special arrangement**)



Allow the body to unwind and relax during this gentle restorative class. Practices include simple, easy stretches (which are optional) followed by a longer deep restorative relaxation practice (Yoga Nidra). 


Yoga Nidra provides an opportunity to be at rest in any comfortable position including options to be seated on a chair, couch or to sit on the floor in a meditative position of one's choice or perhaps the most favourite and traditional position - the pose of deep relaxation (Shavasana) with the body simply lying comfortably on the back in an easy symmetrical horizontal alignment. During Yoga Nidra there is no physical effort required. 



By special arrangement

Please use Contact Page to progress



*Paused*  Classes not currently running in Clovelly.





- subtle mobility

- gentle stretched

- progressive movement

- core strength

- deep relaxation

- breath work

- meditation

- clarity, meaning

- values, direction




Classes are broadly inclusive and welcoming to people across Multi- Generational/Ability/Experience/Familiarity - Backgrounds and Levels. For example, classes may include Adults, Seniors, Children. Children must be accompanied by an adult that is present at all times, with Children and Adult both booked and both participating at their own pace during the class. The level of participation one chooses is optional to cater for one's own individual needs, including practicing only when one considers it to be suitable and safe to do so under one's own current circumstances and conditions. For example, at times some attendees may be recovering from an injury or past illness or may be experiencing longer-term conditions. Some attendees may choose to engage in only the very gentlest of practices and may for example elect to rest in a deeply relaxed position for some of the time. Others attendees may elect to practice much more strongly or dynamically or energetically where suitable and safe to do so. In attending you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your own safe practice including following any professional medical advice you have received related to exercising only in the manner prescribed and only where suitable. At times, some or all of the practices may be unsuitable. Learning Yoga practices can at times require some patience and a willingness to begin to slow down. Practice is supported by listening carefully to guidelines and instructions and to your own body. Attending a number of regular classes over a period of time will support a more gradual progression of understanding and development at a more relaxed pace and is a more likely path towards realising meaningful wellbeing and health benefits.



- Events

- Celebration

- Business wellness

- Yoga pilgrimage

- Himalaya Tibet travel

- Mt Kailash tour

- Special events / needs



YOGA NATURE classes include teachings of Traditional Yoga practices promoting wellbeing, insight and development at personal, relational and professional levels. The approach to teaching is guided by Traditional Yoga including Buddhist concepts, philosophy and values and are supported by Eastern contemplative and Western contemporary research and learning. 


The teaching style is facilitative and human centred with a strong focus on self-awareness, self-care, self-development, self-management as well as the importance of connectedness to community and responsibilities (Sangha). Classes often explore the original intent and purpose of Yoga, the management of the mind, body, emotions and stress as well as foundations for living life with greater clarity, meaning and wellbeing.  


Teaching is grounded on  a diverse range of Yoga study, practice and life experiences extending across traditions of Hatha, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Oki, Buddhist, Tibetan as well as adapted holistic Yoga practice including extensive travel e.g. across India and the Himalaya, staying in Monasteries and Ashrams, leading groups exploring the origins of Yoga from Nepal across Tibet through to mythical Mt Kailash.


Working with a broad range of people, groups, organisations, cultures and traditions, the approach to Yoga is highly inclusive. Classes promote the creation of a welcoming, friendly and respectful space which is supportive of diversity including participants with (and with-out) specific beliefs, traditions, religious, or spiritual views. 


Sol is the manager of YOGA NATURE, has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and is a Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia.


Yoga classes and events cater for:

  • Local Community practice groups
  • Special Needs and personalised one to one classes
  • Charitable NGOs and Community groups
  • Yoga Pilgrimage & Teachings
  • Corporate classes since 1996


Qualifications and Teaching style

Sol has a Diploma in Yoga Teaching, Master in Adult Education and a facilitative teaching style which promotes a graduated progression of practices suitable for people of all ages and condition.


Types of Practices

Classes may include:

  • Physical postures (asana)
  • Breathing practices (pranayama)
  • Deep Relaxation practices (Yoga Nidra)
  • Meditation Classes
  • Yoga Theory, Philosophy and History
  • A practical human perspective including influence and interrelationships with the teachings and traditions of Buddhism, the traditional Yoga of India as well as Western & Eastern contemplative views and practices

The style of teaching is adapted to individual, group and situational needs while working safely within current natural constraints and circumstances. 

Individuality, Practice & Outcomes

Classes give thoughtful and appropriate attention to:

  • Individual conditions and needs
  • Care and Safety in the practice of Yoga
  • Developing ones own personal sequence of yoga practices (for home use)
  • Developing a sense of community and responsibility


ORIGINS OF YOGA TOUR: Footsteps of Yogis & Buddhas - Journey across the hidden Kingdoms of Tibet

Reflect and explore the background, ideas and practices which emerged from the teachings of ancient Yoga, the time of the Buddha, subsequent aspirants and sages


Participate in this inspiring journey from Kathmandu, Nepal across the Tibetan plateau involving an extensive road trip from the Valley of the Kings in Central-East Tibet to Tibet's capital: Lhasa and across into the far flung reaches of remote Western Tibet. On this journey you will experience first hand a culture which has in may ways retained significant facets of their ancient Yogic origins. This is the home of classical Indian Yoga from the times of Shiva (at Mt Kailash), the emergence of the Yogic perspectives of the pre-Buddhist Bonn civilization and the appearance of Yogis, 'Magicians' and sages such as Milarepa, Padmasambhava including into the current predominance of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Yoga practice. To explore further and develop your own opinion on 'What is Yoga'; the Origins of Yoga and to see through different eyes including how this may influence your own personal practice, life-outlook and direction, you are invited to join me on this inspiring journey across the hidden Kingdom's of Tibet. 


Unique features (outline):

  • Small group - Maximun 14 bookings
  • Accompanied by Australian Group Leader, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher with 20+ years Kailash-Tibet-Yoga teaching experience
  • Extended stay at Mt Kailash including options to walk around the base of the 
  • mountain or stay in nearby settlement accommodation
  • Suitable for Mature age as well as more Active participants
  • Individual personalised guidance pre-departure
  • Optional Group meeting in Sydney pre-departure