Wylies Baths, Coogee: (Example of 'Booking Block')

Ocean views



Your Booking commences on the first Wednesday after making a Booking and covers a continuous unbroken duration of up to 4 classes (within a 4 week period). Note that for those making a Booking part way through the month (after the first Wednesday), your Booking will include classes in both the current start month and the following month.


Class start dates (4 Classes): Wednesdays 


Class times (1 hour): 7.30am - 8.30am

Class times (1 hour): 9am - 10am


Gentle to Progressive HATHA YOGA Classes: Wednesday mornings


Outline: Yoga classes are set amidst the inspiring natural environment of Wylie's Baths with sweeping ocean views under the shelter of the Yoga space marquee including sun and shade options. This one (1) hour Yoga class takes place on Wednesday mornings and you must book in advance for a class.


Weather & Year round practice: Often a warm suntrap in winter and surprisingly delightful 'rain, hail or shine'. This amazingly sheltered Yoga space faces the warm winter morning sunshine while avoiding much of the cooler southerly or westerly winds. The marquee shelter has additional sides which are attached towards winter. On fine days some of the practices may be taken into the adjoining, more open outdoor space. During wet weather our Yoga practices continue under the shelter of the Yoga space marquee.


BYO Everything: Please bring all your own Yoga and personal needs. Yoga Mat, Coverings etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: The sharing of Yoga Mats, Yoga gear and personal items is not permissible at this class and venue due to mandatory COVID Safety requirements.

Sun or Shade




  • Continuity of Practice: Working skilfully with ones own nature, it may be easier to focus on encouraging and maintaining continuity of practice when one has made a booking commitment
  • Reserved spot: Reduce the possibility of missing out on the limited class spots available (especially re COVID)
  • Convenience: Book just once (instead of re-booking and paying for these ongoing classes individually on a weekly basis over the next 4 weeks)
  • Savings: Booking a short block also offers a reduced class fee without too significant a commitment financially (class fee reducing to $18 compared to a normal single booking fee of $20)


Attendance and self care in practice: The classes are available for those without previous Yoga experience (beginners) as well as to those who are more experienced. Where there is attendance with mixed experience there will be guidance towards adapting ones practice accordingly. Note that practicing carefully within ones level of fitness, health and ability is important and is strongly encouraged. You are encouraged to practice gently and to reduce the effort and / or range of movement and to stop and rest at any time where needed so as to make the practice safe and useful. Those who are fitter and familiar with the practice may choose to work more strongly. Working within ones abilities is essential for safe practice and progressive useful development. IMPORTANT: Please check on your Fitness, Health and Medical Conditions (Refer section below for details: 'IMPORTANT & ESSENTIAL: HEALTH, CARE, SAFETY')


Venue use: Entry to the Venue is for the Yoga Class only and any early arrival or extended stays or use of pool or other facilities will require payment of the normal separate and additional venue entry fee at the Wylie's entry gate. Please enquire with Wylie's Baths Management for details.




Booking Conditions: The information provided on this Eventbrite page and related Emails and on the YOGA NATURE Website and Notices constitute the Booking Terms and Conditions. On making a Booking you are confirming that you have read, understood, agreed to and that you will comply with these Terms and Conditions. You agree to obtain clarification with YOGA NATURE on any significant requirement or potential discrepancy. This event is organised by YOGA NATURE and your booking includes only the requested YOGA NATURE Classes at your nominated time and dates. The Booking is not refundable so please make your selection carefully. The Booking is not transferable, exchangeable or interchangeable with activities, events, classes or services offered by others. The classes may only be attended by the person Booked.




Fitness, Health & Medical Condition Check: You are most welcome to attend classes provided you have been medically advised that Yoga is suitable for your own particular circumstances and conditions. Please ensure that you have consulted with appropriate professional medical practitioners before making a Booking.


COVID SAFETY: The class size is limited due to venue and COVID constraints and advanced Booking is essential. Normal COVID precautions current at the time of attendance are applicable as well as any special precaution required by YOGA NATURE and the Venue Management. You agree to check and be responsible for meeting these requirements. For Further details refer to NSW HEALTH; YOGA NATURE Web site (PARTICIPATION PAGE); The YOGA NATURE Teacher; Wylie's Venue Management for all notices, guidance and instructions.